Three Types Of Online Marketing


Online marketing is definitely not new anymore, but there are new aspects of it each and every day. Because of the ever-changing online atmosphere, the digital marketing world is dynamic, and each day presents something new to do or a change that requires different thinking. With all the changes it can be difficult to find something constant. Below are three Manic Metrics types of online marketing that are important now, and seem to be here to stay.seo-A


Social Media Marketing

Can you imagine life before social media? 20-somethings as well as most 30-somethings definitely cannot. Social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter provide opportunities for marketers to grasp the attention of their target markets within a fun, social environment. Younger employees are taking on the challenge of social media marketing because of the fun challenges it represents. Social media marketing can include some different parts including daily posting, Facebook ads, Snapchat filters, and reaching out to your audience. While there are different social platforms emerging all the time, and changes are made constantly, the core of social media marketing is here to stay.

Content Marketing

Content marketing actually includes a number of aspects of online marketing because you need content for social media, for website design, and for search engine optimization. Nonetheless, content marketing requires specific skills that are necessary in order to compete in the online marketing world. Content marketing includes producing anything that you want your audience to see, hear, or read online. That YouTube video that will convince people that your product is legitimate is content. The photo of your product being used by a celebrity is also content. Written content on your website actually serves multiple purposes including engaging your audience and telling the search engines what exactly your website is all about, and that provides a great segway into our next type of online marketing – SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of those buzz words that online marketing agencies love to throw around at conferences and on their website. SEO scares a lot of companies because its employees often do not know much about SEO (if they know anything at all). The core of SEO is doing everything you can to let Google know what your website is about. This helps Google determine whether or not your website is relevant for a certain search. Are you a DUI lawyer in Milwaukee? Then you want to make sure that Google knows that. One of the things that you can do to tell Google what your company does is by using content marketing combined with keyword research. There are a lot of keywords associated with “Milwaukee DUI lawyer,” and having some of them on your website as image tags or embedded in the content will go a long way in helping your search engine optimization efforts. The long term goal of SEO is to get your website showing up at the top of Google search results. You will never get to the top if you cannot even explain to Google what your site is about.