The Pros &Cons Of Voting Online

In the modern day world, virtually anything can be done online ranging from shopping groceries to depositing cash in your bank. It will not be a surprise to see many countries adopting an online voting system. Although the presence of the internet voting is likely to change the future of elections, there is still a lot to debate about the issue particularly on the pro and cons of voting online. Despite living in a world infinite computer connectivity, technology, cloud computing and big data, the truth is that many countries still carry out elections with ballot papers. The internet voting entails casting a secure ballot that is later sent to officials through the internet. Read through this article as we weigh the pros/cons of voting online.

Pros Of Online Voting


The greatest benefit of voting online is the convenience it offers to people who have access to a computer, laptop or internet connectivity. It gets rid of the need to wait for long queues and high transportation charges. It can be convenient for individuals with severe medical conditions. Additionally, it is easier for homemakers because they can vote at the comfort of their homes. The bottom line is that voters can vote online for any part of the earth.


Since an online voting system utilizes electronic ballots, there are minimal chances that there will be scratched, unmarked or invalid notes. This will result in a high level of result accuracy because of the automated calculations.

Increased Efficiency

An online voting system eliminated the need for expensive voting machines, counting volunteers and election-day casual clerks. Also, the results will be delivered early and with a higher level of accuracy compared to the manual counting of votes. There will be no need to invest in ink and paper since no ballots will be required. Also, the voters will have sufficient time to research on the contesting candidates.

Minimize the Risk of over voting

With the voter being a registered member, there is barely a scope of an individual to vote more than one time. The software records everything happening in the voting and shows an error in case of something amiss.

Cons Of Online Voting


Technology comes along with a set of disadvantages too. In terms of safety, the question remains; how can voters trust the election results with the presence of individuals who can hack the entire system or software and alter the results? While people can break into some high-security websites, voters cannot have faith on an online voting system.

Election Fraud and Tampering

With this kind of voting system, it is very difficult to ascertain the identity of an individual casting a vote. In addition to security hackers, there comes a bunch of viruses that can wipe out every piece of information or data stored. Monitoring many viruses can be very expensive and does not offer 100% safety of the election process.

As much as people want to embrace technology in all aspects due to its numerous advantages, it is equally important to weight the disadvantages to determine the viability of the technology in question.