Press Release Distribution: 5 Different Methods to Promote Your Content

Reaching out to the media is the best way to let the word out about your business. Although you know that it is an effective way to promote your brand, you may not be sure of how you are going to get your story in the hands of these experts.

When you’re done crafting your press release, you have to find ways of how you can market it so people will know about you and your products. Find which method of press release distribution is best for your campaign.

You can try one or all of these three methods of distributing a release.

Press release distribution

  1. Distribute using your own channels

If you’re a new brand, you have to start from scratch to build your fan base. However, if you already have your followers, use your own channels to alert them of your releases.

A great way to start this is by placing your releases on your website, blogs, newsroom and across your social media pages. Promoting your content through these platforms boosts your visibility, reach and awareness.

Don’t forget to send it to your email contacts. Allow people to subscribe to your RSS feeds or email subscription, so they can get updates about your brand.

Make sure that your channels have social share buttons to encourage your audiences to share your releases. Leverage on the use of social media. You can join forums, discussions and communities to promote your content.

2.Direct media publication

You can use the services of companies that provide direct connection with the media. These companies deliver your releases straight to them for publishing.

These services allow your releases to have guaranteed exposure. Press releases are directly sent to the media for sure coverage.

     3. Pitch to journalists

Pitching to reporters is a well known method of press release distribution – Newswire. This approach involves directly emailing your story to the press.

Identify journalists and publications to pitch in. Connect with those who write about your industry to increase the chance of getting publicity. Do a bit of research about them, such as what beat they cover, interests, and their most recent published work.

Connect with them on the social media channels that they are active in. Interact with them and make sure to share and comment on their content. It pays to have an established relationship prior to pitching.

When you pitch, personalize your pitch by calling them by their first name. Mention common friends or mutual connections. You may also mention about their recent work that is relevant to your story or the one that caught your attention.

Your pitch should be short and succinct. Explain why their readers will get interest in your story. Include three bullet points that summarizes your news.

You may include links to photos, video or infographics. Do not attach a copy of your release on the email. They don’t like to open email with attachments from people they don’t really know because it may have viruses.

Make a follow up if you don’t hear from them for a week. Don’t call them because it’s not just proper to disturb them when they are busy working on their deadlines.

4. Use online distribution channels

This one is the easiest method that you can try, even you’re a startup or small business. Newswire is one of the online distribution sites that provide this service. They help individuals and brands to get their story in front of premium networks and journalists who publish them and you check out their site :

The most obvious benefit of online distribution is improving your search engine optimization (SEO). You earn backlinks from sites that publish your news, which is good for your SEO. Using targeted keywords also makes your news visible on the search engines.

5. Reach out to bloggers

A campaign known as influencer marketing is a popular method to distribute your releases through the help of influencers or bloggers. Although they don’t promote your releases just like the journalists, they help you increase your brand awareness, reach and sales by introducing our brand and products to their loyal followers.

If you have a new product coming out, you may send them free samples, so they can write a review or feedback about it and share it with their followers on social media channels. It’s one of the most effective marketing on the web today and you should be leveraging it to boost your brand.

Just like you pitch to journalists, you also pitch to bloggers. However, study them first if they are a good fit for you and their audience. Observe their interaction with their followers to see if they can create the engagement that you want for your brand.

When you distribute your releases, make sure that you track its progress and results. Pick the one or use them all as long as they help you achieve your goals.