Passive Income Ideas Online

You can find a million articles online about how to make money, and each article seems to be a little easier than the next when it comes to ways to making massive profits with the Internet.  You could argue that more people are making money from selling information on “how to” compared to actually doing the work and making the profits from the training.  You can make a million dollars online with bitcoin mining, Forex trading, stock market and futures trading, and of course, affiliate sales, and Google Adsense just to name a few.   At the end of the day, how many actually help you make money compared to having you investing in the education?   We looked at a few opportunities to see how they would pan out.

make money online

We have found that one area that is exploding in growth is investing in Gold and gold IRA’s.  The economy has been a little shaky to say the least since 2008, and many people want to have a tangible item for their investment, rather than investing in the stock market.  Along with gold goes silver.  We have found one site that focuses on silver dollars, and investing in precious metals such as silver and gold.  There is a lot of money to be made in this market, and one affiliate claimed to have made over $500,000 in one year just as an affiliate from Regal Assets.

For those that want to invest, have something tangible like gold, silver, or a TI-84, but are also fine with high risks and rewards, Bitcoins have become all of the rage online.  Bitcoins originally began in the deep underworld of the web, but now have become more main stream with companies like Overstock accepting the hydro currency.  Understanding how bitcoins work is far more complicated than buying a piece of precious metals, but the values fluctuate quite rapidly.  A business could accept bitcoins for their products and services, and then see the value of those bitcoins double in a few days or months.  It is like the Las Vegas form of Paypal with big potential upsides, as well as big potential losses.

Regardless of your online strategy for getting rich, be sure to do your homework prior to investing in anything online.  There are a lot of scams and people out there looking to take your money, and if you aren’t careful, you could become the next victim of a Ponzi scheme with some ruthless criminal like Bernie Madoff.