Divorce Rates Continue to Rise in the US

The increasing divorce rates can be attributed to many different things in the US, below we will provide you with a few of the factors that we think greatly contribute to the rising divorce rates in the US.


Divorce rates increase because of a decreasing religious meaning behind marriage. In modern times, religion has become less associated with religion and more related to an official status for the government as well as friends and family to see. Because marriage no longer has such a strong religious meaning, people do not feel as obligated to stay together when things do not work out. There are arguments for both sides as to whether or not marriage should be a religious matter, but when there are certain benefits for married couples including tax benefits and insurance benefits, it is hard to argue that there are some aspects of marriage that must be seen as secular. No matter how you explain it, though, it does appear that there is a trend toward more divorces in the US.  I bet that makes lawyers for divorce in Maryland happy to have more business, though.

Teen Pregnancy:

The rise in teen pregnancies has resulted in a lot more young marriages between people who are not ready to be married. There has been a loosening of morals when it comes to sexual behavior in the US. Because of the detachment from morals as well as the display of sexual behavior on TV as well as in magazines, a lot of teenagers and young adults are taking part in sexual behavior without thinking about possible consequences including children and STDs. While children are not always a negative effect of sex (in a lot of cases they are the expected and desired outcome), a lot of teenagers and young adults are not emotionally, psychologically, or financially ready for a child. Whether it is seen as a good thing or a bad thing, a lot of young men who get a girl pregnant do propose and get married. The problem is that if you get married young simply because of a child, there may be a lot of issues that result in you needing a West Bend divorce attorney. There are a lot cell-phone-in-handof cases in which marrying young works out and when it does it is such a cute story that a lot of people end up wanting to have the same romantic story. The problem is that young marriages that work seem to be the exception, not the rule.


In modern times, it has become a lot harder to get to know everything about the person you end up marrying. As methods of transportation and communication become more and more advanced, people are dating others who live farther and farther away. While this seems like a good thing because it raises a person’s number of options for dating, it makes it harder to know some of the things that were so easy to find out when people lived closer to the ones they dated, which makes a Towson divorce much more likely to occur. For example, if you lived close to someone and your friend circles had some people in common, you could learn about a man or a woman’s dating history. Sometimes it can be important to know what went wrong in previous relationships because it might end up being a problem in your future. Some people argue that the past is in the past and that people can be completely different when in relationships with various people, but if a man beat up his last girlfriend, then that is something I would want to know.

In Conclusion

These obviously are not the only reasons why divorce rates are rising in the US, but they are some of the most popular reasons to discuss. Each of these factors has arguments saying it is a good thing and a bad thing, and we cannot be sure which argument is right because there are a lot of people on each side. We cannot even be sure that higher divorce rates are necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, a divorce can be hard on a child as well as the adults involved, but if a couple is having serious problems, then maybe that is just as bad.